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Whether you are continuing in your military career or transitioning to the civilian sector, by having served in CSOR you are part of a special network that has a wealth of knowledge, experience and valuable connections. Wherever your path may lead, whatever you want to accomplish, being a CSOR-A member will make it easier for you to access and leverage this network.


The CSOR-A aims to provide services that are responsive to the particularities of serving with CSOR. Just some of the reasons to join include:

  • Professional networking and personal camaraderie

  • Tailored transition support both pre- and post-release

  • Access to private sector resources (e.g., employment opportunities)

  • Enhanced support services for members, spouses and families

  • Bursaries to help with post-secondary studies

  • Enhanced emergency support (e.g., for families of deployed members)

  • Be a part of the Regiment’s ongoing history

  • Ties to the First Special Service Force Association and similar groups

  • Access to an online Regimental and Association kit shop


ACTIVE MEMBERS – An individual who is a current or a former member of CSOR with a minimum of one year of service in the unit (military or civilian). Spouses, direct family members and surviving family are also eligible to apply. Other members may be considered on a case-by-case basis.



FRIENDS OF THE REGIMENT – Civilians or former military who wish to support the CSOR-A’s mission. Friends of the Regiment are nominated by an Active member and approved by the Board of Directors.

DONATE – For those ineligible for membership who wish to support the CSOR-A’s mission.

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