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Leen Bolle, founder and owner of HeroDogTreats.


CSOR-A members are part of your community. Whether they are still serving or have transitioned to the civilian sector, these resoursceful, mature, motivated, thinking warriors are driven to succeed wherever their path leads, whatever they set out to accomplish.

It should come as no surprise that several CSOR-A members have harnessed lessons learned in SOF into business success. We will regularly feature member businesses in this space in order to raise awareness and inspire others to follow their lead. The first member-founded business we featured was Arrowhead Coffee Company. Now, we proudly draw your attention to Loyalty Dog Treats

Founded and led by Annemarie Bolle, wife of CSOR veteran and Association co-chair Leendert Bolle, Loyalty Dog Treats is an online retailer, manufacturer and wholesaler of all-natural pet products you can trust.

Loyalty offers a variety of grooming supplies, tasty treats, chews, bones and supplements tailored for specific needs - from aggressive chewers to digestive sensitivities. All of Loyalty’s products are free of additives or preservatives, and are sourced from government-inspected suppliers.  

You can purchase Loyalty Dog Treats directly from their website. As a thank you, use coupon code SD10 for a 10% discount. Loyalty's products are also carried by

Loyalty offers free shipping to Canada and the USA, and always ships within 48 hours (on week days).  The company offers a money-back guarantee, and free return shipping on any products that do not meet your high standards.


Tasty natural treats, chews, bones and supplements you can trust, at a price you can afford.

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